You want to be HAPPY… Feel it stay positive…

Posted By on May 9, 2013

I had some time so had to write something down, which I was thinking from a long time.

Happiness it’s something that you get when you do certain things that may be dance, sing, work, exercise, paint, travel etc.  Top of all it’s a feeling and feeling is something you do not have to pay price for.  All you have to do is make yourself contended with things you have which seems kind of impossible in era like this. Satisfaction is materialized so is Happiness. Future has to be secure, I have to save enough so that I can enjoy in future. Why???? I agree savings are important but will a getting a bigger car give you more happiness. I would say when you have a small car and it serves your purpose you would want a bigger car to just show it to the world not because its your necessity. How about saving money and going on a vacation roaming around finding peace at beautiful locations having that precious time with everyone. You know what you can stay Happy all the time. Its just about handling situations well and taking out time to think maintain that calm. Today I got know that there was a theft at my place. Everyone around panicked and I was so chilled out. Believing nothing would have gone wrong its all right I have not done bad nothing would go bad with me. Guess what? Nothing was stolen. :)

That’s how it goes. If you want to make your life better stop doing wrong to someone then you can walk up high, confident, fearing nothing. As You have not done wrong things would not go wrong. If still something happens then think it would be for something better as I did not do bad this surely is meant for good.  Approach that has to be positive.  Once you start taking everything positively and finding out happiness in every minute thing life will change. It will get sorted.

In India the concept of GDP is used to measure the growth of country which is a bad criteria in itself.


Many of you would have heard the concept of GNH (Gross National Happiness) this concept originated form Bhutan as their culture is based on Buddhist spiritual values.  It is a measure of well-being  and happiness


So people rather than making your GDP work towards GNH.  So what factors define your GNH are:

1)    Psychological wellbeing
2) Health
3) Time use
4) Education
5) Cultural diversity and resilience
6) Good governance
7) Community vitality
8) Ecological diversity and resilience
9) Living standard

Slowly and gradually make a shift in the thought process and works towards achieving the best ratings of GNH for yourself. Happiness is bliss depends you want to feel it, if you want to you can stay happy all throughout your life… Stay blessed stay calm stay happy… :) happy

Posted By on May 5, 2013

Final goodbyesss…. They are always tough…… I enjoyed every bit of it…. Stayed true…. Honest…. Its you who saw everything u know better what was right….. I loved being with you all knowing you guys….. Hope u liked me on the show and the person I am….
My thanks to Raghu sir and Ranvijay sir for selecting me…. Akshay sir udit sir jhonas sir yamini mam…. All u guys rock…… Keep in touch….. I did not win but I guess I have won hearts of a lot of people…. :) love u all…. Keep loving keep enjoying ur life…. Stay happy all of you…..

Fundacja Aravindam

Posted By on April 24, 2013

Aravindam is the name for Lotus in Sanskrit. In Indian Mythology it is the seat of Brahma, the creator of the universe and his wife Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge and Music. In Buddhist tradition it is the seat of the Buddha…the enlightened one.

The Lotus represents beauty and purity rising from the waters of a pond. It is like the soft light of awareness emerging from muddy existence, yet unsullied by the mud and grit. In every aspect of Aravindam’s activities and work, we aim to rise above the muck, in refreshing bloom, to deliver value to our volunteers, sponsors, and partners on their path of development and service to the underprivileged. The struggles and difficulties along the path make us grow more vibrant and beautiful.

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Posted By on April 18, 2013

I so want get out of this rat race…. Where each person around you is trying to dominate you trying to prove they are superior…. Trying to just catch hold of you and drag you back…… Its my life and I decide here not be part of that crowd…. I don’t mind standing alone…. At least I am calm…. Satisfied with all I have…. I have time to feel that happiness I have earned…. Live my life….

And I don’t run anymore……


Posted By on April 12, 2013

One of you had told me to share my experiences during the show. It was like the best time of my life. My life in past 7 8 months has turned around. I mean nothing that happened was ever expected but this is life. Positivity is the way I worked with. Life has to go on was what I thought when I came for the interview I had troubles, lot of it was inside me, I could have cracked n everyone could have seen water leaking out of those cracks. But there I held on myself. It was difficult to control but thankfully I could control….. thinking what has happened is past. They asked questions I never wanted to answer I never wanted to disclose. I felt responsible , I felt happy , I was scared and I was nervous. But I was confident because of my siblings. I never thought I was good enough they fed into me that confidence. It was so good. Journey , travelling , nature is what inspires me after my first inspiration my mom. It just takes me away from all the realities in the world. On bike, those rides in the mountains… freezing cold…. Nothing ,Nothing at all can be compared to it…. You just stand there look around and then close your eyes feel the breeze… It gives you eternal peace… Happiness… you will find it inside you… Its hidden inside even when the biggest troubles hit you…I have seen life can end in flick of a second so I believe in living…. And If you are living you have no reason to be sad… whatever bad time has come It will fade away…. Life can torture you to the extend you would have never thought about… All you have to do is be a warrior and fight and don’t let anything anyone to make you sad… I like going to parties enjoying with my friends and family… At the same time it gives me joy taking care of everyone….Smile is all I look for….. In myself and in people around me… I am not telling you to be the way I am but just be the way you are and still be happy….
You are worth living this life……. Live it!!!!!!


Posted By on February 27, 2013

There are many voids in the thought process when you start talking about US.

I can tell so many.. lets talk about this discriminating behavior on basis of gender,  on basis of clothes, on basis of brands one wears, on basis of no. of cars he or she got, on basis of bigger house.

A girl wearing a suit is better than a girl wearing short skirt? The person doesn’t change with the clothes. We have got to understand values of a person matters. If a girl hangs around with ten guys she is bad. If she is going in a group girls she’s better why? If a guy goes to club at night its OK but a girl cant hang out with her friends she is bad.. WHY?  doesn’t she have the right to party to dance along with her friends.. One reason Its unsafe… Why the hell is it unsafe… Because we have forgot our roots we have forgot that when we were all classified we were all given one name HOMO SAPIENS. The way of seeing at each other has changed. The discrimination is caused by Us.

Weird isn’t it? But this what our first perceptions are.Why we just can’t think beyond  clothes and genders and religions and status and society…Why can’t we treat everyone equal give equal rights to everyone… look at each other like just HUMAN’s and not as a girl or boy… not as Hindu or Muslim… not as rich or poor…

Sonal Sharma February ,17 ,2013

Posted By on February 22, 2013

Aan do dekhlenge……
kar rahi hun ye…… n i want to run my lyf ds way….. but main b insaan hun bura lag sakta h sad ho sakti hun….. dnt judge me… dnt make opinions be it good or bad… dnt b sorry fo me….. if u can do something…. treat me like one of you…. treat me like HUMAN!!!

Sonal Sharma



Posted By on February 21, 2013

I don’t know if you will be interested to read. But the point is to convey the message.
I attended a seminar yesterday given by my maternal uncle and it moved me so much. The state of the world it’s changing. It’s getting worse each second. World has moved to a completely different tangent of competition. Rat race we have heard about it we know about it and accept it or not each one of us is part of it.
Unsatisfied life’s… Contentment is what we are trying to seek out of a new house a new car a new cell phone… Requirement is less… But satisfaction does not comes if the requirement gets fulfilled its always about more it always about better than the previous and best than the better you already have…
An I-Phone does not really satisfy a person when I-Phone 4s is out and I-Phone4s seems useless when I-phone 5 is out…what we actually need to do is to find ourselves at peace with whatever we have got than to chase and track down better…
We have got into the scenario where we just know to extract we are way behind the time when it was about give and take. Every one of us is intelligent enough we have read enough about depleting resources species getting extinct. Resources are less almost about to end we will blame government for raising prices of fuel. We will never accept our mistake the luxuries we avail one house three cars. Going to office sitting alone in car.
Don’t you feel bad about it? Doesn’t it hurt you? I am hurt with the way things are turning up around me. The air I breath is polluted the water I drink is bad. What happened to Yamuna. I see those pictures of 80′s when it was a beautiful tourist spot and now we don’t even feel like passing past it.
I remember when I used to walk in the corridor of my school or college peeping in the door’s window nobody in the class still fans and lights used to be on and I used to switch them off and my friends used to make fun of me saying ‘tere ghar ki bijli thodi phook rahi hai’.This approach is wrong this irresponsible thinking is the one that has got us to state like this. If we can be active enough and we are aware enough why can’t we take the responsibility? Take a charge and do something about it. Government needs to think about it whole system needs a resettlement but I don’t think I can do it. But why not at least give it a start. Youth today has the power. It can bring up issues and make those issues get noticed by broad audience.
I am not much of a writer I just wrote this because I felt the need of this to be discussed more than anything else in my life. I don’t know if this would help but I have almost three hundred friends and even if just two read this and discuss this with two more I would feel my effort was successful. We can make the change happen. Discuss it share it talk about it make people aware try and do something at your part. We shouldn’t just let it go.
-Sonal Sharma

Sonal – Mini Clip – Delhi Auditions – Roadies X

Posted By on February 19, 2013

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