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There are many voids in the thought process when you start talking about US.

I can tell so many.. lets talk about this discriminating behavior on basis of gender,  on basis of clothes, on basis of brands one wears, on basis of no. of cars he or she got, on basis of bigger house.

A girl wearing a suit is better than a girl wearing short skirt? The person doesn’t change with the clothes. We have got to understand values of a person matters. If a girl hangs around with ten guys she is bad. If she is going in a group girls she’s better why? If a guy goes to club at night its OK but a girl cant hang out with her friends she is bad.. WHY?  doesn’t she have the right to party to dance along with her friends.. One reason Its unsafe… Why the hell is it unsafe… Because we have forgot our roots we have forgot that when we were all classified we were all given one name HOMO SAPIENS. The way of seeing at each other has changed. The discrimination is caused by Us.

Weird isn’t it? But this what our first perceptions are.Why we just can’t think beyond  clothes and genders and religions and status and society…Why can’t we treat everyone equal give equal rights to everyone… look at each other like just HUMAN’s and not as a girl or boy… not as Hindu or Muslim… not as rich or poor…

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Sonal Sharma: MTV Roadies. The show proved to be awesome for me... Now I am just Sonal Sharma... Trying to live grounded discuss issues... that we know are a problem still we never work upon.... So, I invite Discussions topics and views of all of you....



  1. Ŋaðaaŋ Þarıŋða says:

    Sonal yaar u r so cute!
    happy journey dear!

  2. i have seen your interview and also read all articles.as u have been an engg. student,so its easy for me to convey maximum in minimum words……….

    ”when life does not find the singer to sing the song of her heart ,it produces philosophy to speak her mind..all the problems are in our mind..and solution is in our heart.jsut keep away from mind as it always comes to calculations/discussions and heart is very close to reality.for better understanding, just take the example of raghu and ranvijay…WISH YOU ALL THE BEST”

    • SonalSharma says:

      I don’t know what to say… I am just too annoyed with situations around me.. I really don’t know in what form it is coming out… But I am happy that I am letting it out… My life has changed completely in past 7 months… I never imagined in my wildest dreams that something like this could happen… Still it seams as if my parents made me too strong to handle everything.. and nothing can pull me down… I follow my heart.. I say I write what I feel… I don’t understand why I am writing it.. I am no revolutionist… I never ever thought people would read what I write or even pay attention to what I say.. I am considered dumb in more than 20 years of my 21 years I have lived… But people who knew me actually never doubted me… Its tough to cope up.. I am a positive person and I wish to lead my life Happily whatever it may be… Philosophies.. I don’t know… I am just saying my heart out…
      :) I loved what you wrote… especially the first line…
      Thank you…

  3. Ravin says:

    Hey Sonal, I watched your audition and went through you page as well. I liked each and every word you spoke\written, I salute your spirit and dedication to be successful. At this age, having this level maturity and will to do something is commendable. I am become big fan of you. Trust me, this is the first I am leaving a message for a stranger. Take care and do well. May god bless you with lot of happiness success in life. Good byee

  4. kishor says:

    i dont know whats going in your mind….but really it was good yaaar……

  5. harsh says:

    well what to say but…..
    u r damn gorgeous and intelligent……
    ur like 1 in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000…haha….
    god bless u and ur kins….:D

  6. Er.Singh says:

    Hi Sonal….
    Hope u r fine. I like the way you represent urself with surrounding situation.A girl with such a young age and so much of crisis in lyf but still able to handle not only herself but also her siblings.If ever I like a girl in my lyf I would like her to be like u.Morover as u say proudly that ur parents have taught u such culture and value which make u strong tust me they were too saying the same thing sitting somewhere that that strong girl is their daughter.
    So best of luck for roadies and ur lyf.
    Just be what you are…
    Give the lyf what it taken from u????????????

  7. upscnonmember says:

    hey, just wanted to say……BEST OF LUCK…i pray to god you win and get all the riches of the world…

    also a word of advice…..(i realize you did not ask for it but still)

    please realize that you are now in the public domain (public personality) and try to interact with people as much as possible…….post your pictures / attend public events / actively update your social media accounts etc etc…..

    Public memory is very short and THIS is your time……after this season is over airing, majority of the people will forget about it and most of the contestants…..CAPITALIZE on this time….use it to build your image

  8. SonalSharma says:

    I really don’t know… Public Image Glitz and Glamour… I know you are right in whatever you are saying but I am so confused about what I want… Its True that this will perish in some time.. I myself don’t know I want it or not…

    • upscnonmember says:

      try to think in this way:

      what you want can be decided later but this opportunity will not come again……use this time to maximize your visibility (image building)

      get an account on twitter…..it is now the most popular social media instrument used to connect to a large audience….

      if possible contact some professional Public Relations people….even if you opt for some other career stream later in life, you will atleast have this one as a backup :)

      best of luck

  9. Manas says:

    Sonal.. All I want to say, what ever you have wriiten above, every person on this earth should read it, because I still cannot get it, how can someone try to mess with god’s beautiful creations.

    A person who has seen so much, in so little time but still bravely faces the world, needs a salute, I know its tough since I can relate to it, but you have inspired me to do what I do the best..! I thank you for it from deep bottom of my heart. My best wishes will always be there..!

  10. ImHSB says:

    Everyone should indeed change their thoughts, but we cant complain this to the BIASED world to be unbiased for such good reason, this has been for years, they have always been the same, cant expect this to change very soon or close. You are right, discrimination on the basis of clothes, religion, caste should not be tolerated. In fact we should be the CHANGE we want to see, this will surely help and inspire others as well.
    Nice article. nice thoughts and a very nice motive ! You have a kind and gentle heart ! :)

    Never change yourself, you are good at being yourself! :) :)
    [for awesome interview and roadies journey :) ]

    P.S. : I am also not a good writer, so a small glimpse of my thought !

    • SonalSharma says:

      I try being myself… In the show as well I tried to keep my own Identity alive… People over there fight… They taunt you get you in a fight…. Patience is what is required to handle everything… I kept a smile and went on… I enjoyed.. Had great fun…
      Without loosing my dignity….

      • ImHSB says:

        people are always there to fight and taunt !
        patience is indeed the best to handle such stuffs !

        Keep smiling :) :) and change the world !

        and for sure you will never loose your dignity ! :) :)

  11. Amit Joshi says:

    AbSolutly rYt and now its our Duty to change our Environment……….
    and v vll………………………………..
    goood job yr keep it up

  12. Pratik says:






  13. sirish says:

    hi sonal…
    nice thoughts…n u r right..discrimination in any form should not be accepted or encouraged.but does it then follow that there isn’t be any danger??a boy who goes to club n party s at ni8 can reach home safely.but there is a less probability of that for a girl…but there are incidents where the reverse is also happening… it has begun since the start of the civilizations, n yet changing from phase to phase…only old 1s are being replaced with new 1s of discrimination s….but as Mr.Imhsb said, we can’t expect this to change so shortly… except with some inspiring n motivating people like raghu sir..he is a role model to many people n expecting u too in that list, n who changed the fate of many people..n yes its true that we have 2 change this.. and we have to eliminate discrimination in any form..but for that, systems have to be changed, people have to be changed, people should learn to treat other people as people n accept them for who they are….n this yaar, is going to take more than a while…but lets be the first to take the initiative in our stage…n finally, be strong and be happy….we are all with you…all the best….

  14. bikram says:

    hi sonal
    hope ur doing great.i saw ur journey on roadies .u r very brave nd a true roadie nd above all u r toooooooooooooo sweet .i really want my life partner must be like u …hope to knw u more .bye tc ….:-)

  15. Lalit Indoria says:

    Hello Sonal

    Congrats on your MTV Roadies success (till now at least). I don’t know whether you will win or not but I wish you do! I do not see any contact page on your website. I want to get into touch with you, please tell me how. No. I’m not concerned with the Roadies part.


  16. Prankur says:

    Though I complete support your idea of an egalitarian society, but please as you can clearly see, you have followers, use that as an advantage try making a change :)

  17. Stephanie says:

    Great content here, I learned at the same time of being entertained, great read!

  18. Reet says:

    well m not much of a writer, not much of a reader, not much of a person who approaches someone without a reason yet somehow those eyes with the kohl around them which had so much of truth in them stimulated me to search for your fan page of facebook and be routed to this page.

    all i wanted to say is NO, this is not going to be a message to compliment on your beauty or simplicity, m sure that many have done, nor it would be something regarding the roadies where i saw you. i wanted to compliment you on a well written page. a thoughtful expression at which more people would pay attention because YES YOU ARE FAMOUS and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    good going sonal… all the best in life…. n i wish i could give you something bigger than a roadies salute…. too bad not on public forums… but cheers and good luck!!

    • SonalSharma says:

      I started with my thoughts… I am among st those who want to make a difference… I really like when they understand…. :)

  19. ROUNAK BISWAS says:

    Sonal don’t stop till u win the ROADIES 10! Always think of yourself and your immunity before this vote-out’s and think of the consequences beforehand! And I know u will win this battle! May god bless u to become the winner!

  20. Anil says:

    The problem is not new. Discrimination exists for ages depending upon color, caste, gender, religion etc. The route cause could be diversity (best example is our country). In some cases, it might be understandable, for example as you mentioned with cloths. Everybody has freedom and can wear what ever they like. The problem comes when you live in a society with multicultural , differential backgrounds. Anyways, one should not consider how others see you. Best of Luck !!!

  21. Margaret says:

    Great blog here! I also enjoyed the topic!

  22. rajveer says:

    hi sonal we always with uu soo keep rghtng ur thought

  23. rajveer says:

    gud mrng sonal

  24. SonalSharma says:

    Thank you all….
    Great suggestions I have got here….
    It makes me write more…. I would have stopped after the first article…
    Thank you soooo much…

  25. rajveer says:

    ur welcmmm sonalll

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