You want to be HAPPY… Feel it stay positive…

Posted By on May 9, 2013

I had some time so had to write something down, which I was thinking from a long time.

Happiness it’s something that you get when you do certain things that may be dance, sing, work, exercise, paint, travel etc.  Top of all it’s a feeling and feeling is something you do not have to pay price for.  All you have to do is make yourself contended with things you have which seems kind of impossible in era like this. Satisfaction is materialized so is Happiness. Future has to be secure, I have to save enough so that I can enjoy in future. Why???? I agree savings are important but will a getting a bigger car give you more happiness. I would say when you have a small car and it serves your purpose you would want a bigger car to just show it to the world not because its your necessity. How about saving money and going on a vacation roaming around finding peace at beautiful locations having that precious time with everyone. You know what you can stay Happy all the time. Its just about handling situations well and taking out time to think maintain that calm. Today I got know that there was a theft at my place. Everyone around panicked and I was so chilled out. Believing nothing would have gone wrong its all right I have not done bad nothing would go bad with me. Guess what? Nothing was stolen. :)

That’s how it goes. If you want to make your life better stop doing wrong to someone then you can walk up high, confident, fearing nothing. As You have not done wrong things would not go wrong. If still something happens then think it would be for something better as I did not do bad this surely is meant for good.  Approach that has to be positive.  Once you start taking everything positively and finding out happiness in every minute thing life will change. It will get sorted.

In India the concept of GDP is used to measure the growth of country which is a bad criteria in itself.


Many of you would have heard the concept of GNH (Gross National Happiness) this concept originated form Bhutan as their culture is based on Buddhist spiritual values.  It is a measure of well-being  and happiness


So people rather than making your GDP work towards GNH.  So what factors define your GNH are:

1)    Psychological wellbeing
2) Health
3) Time use
4) Education
5) Cultural diversity and resilience
6) Good governance
7) Community vitality
8) Ecological diversity and resilience
9) Living standard

Slowly and gradually make a shift in the thought process and works towards achieving the best ratings of GNH for yourself. Happiness is bliss depends you want to feel it, if you want to you can stay happy all throughout your life… Stay blessed stay calm stay happy… :) happy

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Sonal Sharma: MTV Roadies. The show proved to be awesome for me... Now I am just Sonal Sharma... Trying to live grounded discuss issues... that we know are a problem still we never work upon.... So, I invite Discussions topics and views of all of you....


6 Responses to “You want to be HAPPY… Feel it stay positive…”

  1. Vinayak Shenoy says:

    Hi Sonal,

    Really nice article!

    Had stopped coming to see this blog thinking it would die after the Roadies episode.. So the blog-bug has bitten you too, huh!? :-)

    Anyway, totally agree with what you say.. Appraisal time around the corner.. but even then, this article made me stop to think – In this rat race, even if I win, I am still a rat! :-D

    There’s something good that can be said about living a life where one “experiences” life rather than running so fast that it becomes a blur, dying young (youth has nothing to do with “age”) and leaving behind a legacy… and most importantly, a good-looking corpse (heavily plagiarizing Nick Romano here)

    • SonalSharma says:

      Thank you so much… Even I thought I would not write… But I guess I have started liking it….
      Writing when I am free…

      • Vinayak says:

        Hi Sonal,

        Good, good! Writing is therapeutic for the soul! :-) It also clears the spaces and clutter in one’s head.

        I read your article today, again – to check if you had replied… just after my grandfather passed away on Friday… Back to Pune, after losing both my grandparents in 3.5 months… :(

        I never got to see my grandfather just before he breathed his last… but his legacy shall stay behind with me forever (He taught me the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling in verse and meaning at a tender age that makes him immortal to me)

        Happiness garnered from sharing these moments with one’s loved ones cannot be tagged with a price.


  2. Vinayak says:

    Hey Sonal,

    What’s upp?


  3. peter says:

    v miss u sonal… :( :( ;( .. whr r u? would b working in any film,serial, shows or anywher?? we wana see u yar… on tv.

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